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Our Precious Videos

Curious Bengal George

Hanging out on the patio with our bengal babies.  Watch Curious Bengal George run around and play with his brothers and sisters.
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The Boxing Bengal

Be careful with this fierce fighter.  Rocky has nothing on this girl.  You might say she has the "Eye of the Bengal"
Zienna's Quest

Watch as Zienna finds some ham on the counter and decides to steal it to feed her kittens.
Precious and her Babies

Precious is just hanging out and watching out for her babies as they run around and play.  She is a always so protective. 
A Bengal Kitten Playing Fetch Like a Dog

You think only dogs like to play fetch? Well think again.  Watch as one of our bengal kittens plays fetch much like a dog.
A Kitten Collage

A mix of videos showing many of our kittens romping and playing around. A must see for any Bengal lover. 
Our Awesome Bengals

Here are some great photos our beautiful Bengal Kittens.  Enjoy!
Bengal Kittens on our Bed

Bengals like to relax and take easy.  Well not really but watch as they take a break from their active day.
Our dog Roxy is watching over our kittens

A dog babysitting kittens. Strange but true..  Watch as our dog just watches over her kitten friends.
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Proud to be Cat Kingpin Certified
We do have a registered cattery with TICA and are in good standing
"This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc."