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Our kitten pricing is dependant on the color and quality of the markings.  Marbles while very beautiful usually sell for less. Spotted Bengals sell for a bit more while rosetted Bengals are usually in the higher price range. Usually the size of the markings or the rosettes determines the price.  We really try and work with our customers to find a kitten within your price range.  Our main goal is to find our kittens loving permanent homes. You will find that our pricing is very reasonable for the quality of kittens we produce.  All of our kittens are very social and friendly as we start handling them at a very early age.  They are raised in our home with our children and our dog Roxy.

Quick Pricing Guide

700-900  for Marbled Babies
800-1100 for Spotted Babies
1200-1800 for Rosetted Babies

All kittens are sold as pets - No Breeding Rights at this time
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Pricing Information

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Proud to be Bengal Cat Club Certified
Proud to be Cat Kingpin Certified
We do have a registered cattery with TICA and are in good standing
"This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc."